Russian Word of the Day

боксёр - boxer 


I’m almost finished watching a Rocky marathon…I’m currently on Rocky IV. 



I just watched a video on the sociology of growing a beard. 

I haven’t shaved in about 4 weeks. 

I don’t know if I should shave it before going abroad…

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So my girlfriend’s mother came a few days ago to haul most of the furniture away, as we prepare to move out of our apartment. She kept making these comments about us being hippies the whole time - I don’t really get where that was coming from. But, sitting by myself in this furniture-less apartment I started listening to this song. 

I leave for Europe in 36 days….

I also still need to do all of my reading for my first week seminar…

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Sort of a Guilty Pleasure…

I’m listening as I type to LMFAO’s ‘Yes.’ 

I know all the lyrics by heart. 

My girlfriend ribs me about my love for LMFAO. If you knew me at all, you would know that I have never ‘party rocked’ ever. Not once. Not ever. I would stick out like a sore thumb at any kind of social gathering. I’d be the guy with the mildly disgusted look and horrible attitude.

But I love listening to LMFAO. I’m not embarrassed if people know that, so its not really a guilty pleasure. But it is kind of silly in a way. 

Also, when I was gone to Bulgaria, my girlfriend would tell people she was dating someone in Europe. People at her job actually thought that I was made up and not a real person. Mostly because all of her true stories about me are seemingly fantastical. 

In case you couldn’t tell I miss my girlfriend. 

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Watching the Sundance Channel

I was watching the film ‘Little Children,” and I really enjoyed the narration in the background: 

"Brad showered quickly, sensing a rare opportunity to have sex with his wife"


And that I am going to be in Budapest in exactly 2 months…


I also just realized that means I will be leaving my job in 5 days time. 


I just realized I’m heading back home in 6 days. Ugh….


After a year of teaching/ tutoring, my tutee passed the citizenship test this morning. 


Wikitravel Article on Balkans

I landed on the Wikitravel page for the Balkans, and some of the statements are pretty rough. For example:

"Sofia - Neglected and decrepit outside the center, Sofia deserves no more than a day on your travel-path"

"Zagreb - A pale copy of Salzburg, Zagreb is for those not feeling well out of their comfort zone in the West yet wanting to go abroad. One day visit will suffice."



Russian Word of the Day

газeта - newspaper


Кaждый день я читaю газeту. ~ Every day I read the newspaper.


Russian Word of the Day

корреспондeнт - correspondent, reporter 


An example straight from the headline:

"Корреспондент CNN рассказала о беспорядочных бомбежках Славянска" ~

"A CNN correspondent talked about the indiscriminate bombing of Slovyansk" 


Russian Word of the Day

Бoсния и Герцеговина - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bos-ni-ya i Ger-tse-ga-vee-na

In the news:

«Босния И Герцеговина, А Также Сербия Получили Гуманитарную Помощь Из Азербайджана» 

«Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as Serbia received humanitarian aid from Azerbaijan»


Russian Word of the Day

посoльство - embassy


Example straight from the headlines:

В Киеве несколько сотен человек пикетировали российское посольство ~ 

In Kiev several hundred people picketed the Russian embassy


Russian Word of the Day

посoл - ambassador


Straight from the headlines:

Посол США в Вене: «Российская Федерация хотела бы думать, что мы все дураки…» ~

U.S. Ambassador* in Vienna: «The Russian Federation would like to think that we are all fools…»

*referring to Daniel B. Baer, who is U.S. Ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).